Special Alaska | Reservation Policy

Special Alaska | USA & Canada Adventure Tours LLC Website Reservation Policy and Conditions 

Please read the General Terms and Conditions for Reservation - i.e.: Payment and Reservation Policy - carefully before making a reservation or purchase tour packages or other products via www.specialalaska.com so as to fully understand all the rights and responsibilities of both parties. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions in part or in its entirety without prior notice. All reservations are generally subject to a written reconfirmation. Electronically submitted and/or exchanged email requests, email responses, reservation forms and the customer acknowledgement to reserve a tour, package or other service are considerably not an indication for a confirmed reservation - unless you receive a formal itemized invoice and reservation confirmation through our company.

As a customer of the USA & Canada Adventure Tours LLC (UAT), you shall understand and accept all contents and articles of these terms and conditions.

Adjustments and/or changes to any of the following reservation policies, terms and conditions are not permitted or accepted after a reservation is confirmed.

Every customer shall be responsible to familiarize himself with all of the following established policies, terms and conditions before submitting a reservation or request to us. These reservation policies, terms and conditions are considerably accepted through a customer after submitting the required deposit on/or before the indicated due date on our invoice. Any modification of a confirmed reservation thereafter is subject to our acceptance, a written reconfirmation and the payment of applicable service charges and/or cancellation fees.

We do not accept or respond to non-completed and submitted online forms or requests.

Table of Contents

01. Privacy Terms
02. Personal Information
03. Tax Information
04. Payment Policy
05. Late Payments
06. Amendments & Refunds
07. Complaint Resolution
08. Services
09. Website Contents
10. Car & Motorhome Rentals
11. Travel Documents
12. Indemnification
13. Flights to | from Alaska
14. Cancellation Policy
15. Travel Insurance
16. Legal Statement 

1.0 Privacy Terms
We generally do not provide third parties with details of your reservation even if you authorize us to do so. Your personal information may only be used for the purpose to complete the reservation as confirmed and/or requested. For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy Website.

2.0 Personal Information
Due to the increased security on various levels we may require additional personal information as deemed necessary to complete a reservation.

3.0 Tax Information
All published rates include applicable taxes and mandatory third party service charges levied at the time of publication - unless otherwise specified. Applicable tax rates are subject to change without further notice. We reserve the right to adjust confirmed rates if the current tax rates are changing.

4.0 Payment Policy
To guarantee any reservation we require a deposit as indicated on the invoice within ten (10) days after you receive the written confirmation. The total amount depends on the individual package reserved. Please check the invoice for details. Any late payments may result in a automatic cancellation. As a guaranteed form of payment we accept personal checks, money orders, direct bank transfers, PayPal and wire payments. Credit cards are accepted through PayPal with a supplementary processing fee of 6.5 % (percent) based on the total invoice amount. The credit card service fee (if applicable) is non-refundable and will be added to your final invoice at the time of reservation. All reservations must be paid in full prior to arrival and as indicated on our invoice. Any reservation made less than 60 days prior to the travel date is subject to an immediate full payment of our invoice. Service fees, any bank charges and/or processing and bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the sender. Occurring charges will be charged back to the sender.

5.0 Late Payments
We do not provide any services to a customer unless full payment has been received on/or before the due date(s) indicated on our invoice. We reserve the right to automatically cancel any part or the entire travel package without a further reminder if the deposit and/or balances are not paid at the due date indicated on our invoice. Any unauthorized deductions from invoices or late payments may also result also in a automatic cancellation. Cancellation fees are still applying according to our cancellation policy below. All cancellation fees are due immediately after receipt of the appropriate invoice and may be deducted from the initial deposit / balance we received from the client. Please Note: we will not reinstate any involuntarily canceled reservation due to non-payment.

6.0 Amendments & Refunds
We are dedicated to provide always the best service to our customers. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, there may be changes to your travel plans. Every effort will be made to ensure that your tour itinerary will be the same as planned. That said, in order to ensure your safety, we reserve the right to make amendments including altering, postponing and canceling tours due to weather, transportation, accommodation and other uncontrollable reasons under very rare and special circumstances. Furthermore, we also reserve the right to cancel any scheduled group - or tours based on full charter rates - if the number of customers is inadequate to form or operate the group tour. Any additional fees arising from the postponement or cancellation of tours as a result of uncontrollable reasons shall be solely borne by the customers. Our company does not offer any compensation. A supplier may cancel a tour due to inclement weather conditions or for any other reasons beyond his or our control. If a non-voluntary cancellation occurs we will refund the original tour price less a service charge of $50.00. No further claims are accepted. All refund requests are only honored in written and within fourteen (14) days after a cancellation occurs. Each request need to be accompanied by the appropriate documentation. Please allow a processing time of approximately four (4) weeks.

6.1.Unused Tour Services:
Unused tour services or any portion thereof are generally non refundable. Cancellations or tour changes after the departure date are subject to applicable cancellation fees.

6.2. Additional Iditarod | Winter Touring Information:
We are using ski planes for most checkpoint and wilderness lodge flights. Ski planes are providing a very limited load capacity. For your own safety, we do carry any overweight beyond the officially FAA established plane load limits. The carry on luggage amount for overnight fly-out clients is restricted to 20 lb. per person. Please use soft shelled bags only. Clients who are on day trips may carry a small 15-20 liter backpack. Additional luggage may not be accepted. Our advertised individual or package rates for overnight and day tours - including any ski plane flights - are based and calculated on a FAA standardized or average passenger weight of 185 lb (85 kg) per person. It is mandatory to confirm and log the weight of each passenger at the time of reservation in order to calculate and/or balance the maximum weight for each flight destination and the particular plane type used e.g. Cessna (3/4 Clients), Beaver (6 Clients) or Otter (10 Clients). A out-of-line weight difference at the time of departure may result in the use of a different ski plane type, transportation surcharges for the particular client(s), or even denial or cancellation of services. Our fly outs are also based on full charter rates and/or on a minimum number of participating clients. All clients are solely responsible to pay for any additional expenses in conjunction with ski plane transportation. No refund will be made for any denial of service cancellations.

If local weather conditions are preventing or delaying a safe departure from a wilderness lodge, a checkpoint or any other departure destination on the day that a client is scheduled to fly out or fly back we can not assume responsibility for any additional costs that may be incurred by such delays due to weather - or other conditions - beyond our control.

No refund will be made for delays or cancellations of flights due to weather conditions. To prevent yourself from financial losses we highly recommend to obtain a sufficient cancellation travel insurance.

No refund will be made for early returns or departures prior to the actual tour ending date for any reason e.g.: illness, injury, incoming bad weather fronts or other circumstances. If any potentially bad weather systems are heading towards the checkpoint and/or wilderness lodge we are providing our clients with a chance to make an informed individual decision on whether to stay and finish the tour or to depart earlier to avoid being weathered into the destination for a unknown amount of time.

7.0 Complaint Resolution
We strongly advise every client to inform our company immediately – at the latest within 24 hours - after an incident, complication or problem occurred. Complaints after departure or delayed complaints - for whatever reason - are not honored.

8.0 Services
Advertised and custom Self Drive Tour Packages do not include gasoline, premium insurance, road tolls, transfers, additional driver fees, northern surcharges, meals, national park entrance fees, one-way rental fees, winterized driving equipment and child seats – unless otherwise stated. We reserve the right to substitute Accommodation of a similar category - or upgrade clients at our discretion - if our regularly used properties are sold out. Specific room assignments are the sole discretion of the hotel management (owner) because we are unable to guarantee a specific type and/or location. For services of all other tours please refer to the appropriate online information/documentation.

9.0 Website Contents
All published rates, descriptions, information and reservation terms are subject to change without further notice and may be used as a guideline only. We cannot assume responsibility for any of these information.

10.0 Car & Motorhome Rental
A valid driver license and a valid major credit card are mandatory for all individual vehicle rentals and/or tour packages including vehicle rentals. Driving on non paved roads is prohibited. If you drive on non paved roads you'll do this on your own risk, the insurance coverage may be void and you may be responsible for any damages. All car, camper and motorhome rentals are requiring also a valid credit card. There are no exceptions !

11.0 Travel Documents
Clients are responsible for obtaining any travel documents and/or verifying entry requirements necessary for each country of travel and/or transit on your selected tour itinerary. Entry laws differ with respect to travelers’ citizenship. UAT is not responsible to obtain or keep personal travel documents for customers or assume responsibility for notice of countries’ current requirements. Clients are responsible for any expenses incurred as a result of delays or itinerary changes related to your lack of appropriate travel documents. You should strictly abide by the laws and regulations promulgated by the government of the visiting country, including but not limited to immigration and Customs Laws and Regulations. UAT will not be responsible for any penalties due to your failure to abide by any regulations of the government of the visiting country.

12.0 Indemnification
UAT , its employees or agents and / or affiliated companies acting only as agents - and therefore none of them shall be liable for any injury, damage, loss, loss claims, accident or delay which may be generated by reason of any company or person who engaged in conveying the travelers, or otherwise in connection therewith, or of any hotel owner, manager or employee. Therefore, we accept no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to delay or changes in train -, bus -, ship -, airplane - or other services, sickness, weather, war, quarantine, government action or other causes.

13.0 Flights
All long distance flight reservations in conjunction with any of our tours are based on restricted airfares. These fares may require full payment within 48 hours after confirmation or at the time of reservation - please refer to our invoice. Generally - all fares are non-refundable and may not be changed after a specific reservation is confirmed. We cannot assume any responsibilities for airfare price increases and/or cancellations for whatever reason. 

14.0 Cancellation Policy
The following cancellation (No-Show) charges are applicable to every confirmed reservation and/or voluntarily or involuntarily cancellation due to non-payment - without any exceptions.

  • Individual Hotel Reservation
    Until 07 days in advance US$20.00
    Less than 07 days in advance (1) night's room charge and applicable taxes
  • Package Tours - Motorcoach Tours - Self Drive Tours - Rail Tours - Cruises
    Until 60 days in advance - 25 % of the entire invoice amount
    Until 45 days in advance - 50 % of the entire invoice amount
    Less than 45 days in advance - 100 % of the entire invoice amount
  • Motorhome Rental
    Until 60 days in advance - 25 % of the entire invoice amount
    Until 45 days in advance - 40 % of the entire invoice amount
    Until 30 days in advance - 50 % of the entire invoice amount
    Until 14 days in advance - 75 % of the entire invoice amount
    Less than 14 days in advance and no shows - 100 % of the entire invoice amount
  • Adventure Tours i.e.: Canoe, Kayak, Rafting & Wildlife Tours
    Until 60 days in advance - 50 % of the entire invoice amount
    Less than 60 days in advance – 100 % of the entire invoice amount
  • Flight Reservation
    After confirmation - No Refunds
  • Group Tours
    Please refer to the individual arrangements

15.0 Travel Insurance
We strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance to cover: cancellation fees associated with an outing as well as airfare or other nonrefundable expense in the event you need to cancel a trip; medical expenses incurred on a trip; and the cost of a possible medical evacuation from a trip. We have made arrangements with USI Travel Insurance Services for you to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance plan. Feel free to contact USI Travel Insurance Services if you have questions on this policy or its coverage as UAT is not equipped to provide specific answers to questions on the insurance program.

16.0 Legal Statement
This General Terms and Conditions (i.e., Reservation Policy) is deemed an agreement between customers and Travel Alaska.Net and/or UAT. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Delaware, without reference to conflicts of law rules. As a condition of the use of UAT and its service, the customer agrees to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within the county of New Castle, Delaware. If any provision of this Agreement is found invalid or unenforceable, that provision shall be enforced to the maximum extent possible, and the other provisions contained herein will remain in full force and effect. The failure of UAT to insist upon or enforce strict performance of any provision of the Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of any provision or right.