Alaska Sightseeing Tour Program | Valdez

Talkeetna | Valdez Alaska - Sightseeing Tours and Columbia Glacier Cruises from Valdez into Prince William Sound. Salmon and Halibut Fishing Trips, Air Taxi Excursions and Alaska Marine Highway Ferry Reservation from Valdez to Whittier.

TASV#1 Columbia Glacier Cruise
Prince William Sound is one of the most spectacular and unspoiled wildernesses in the world. Majestic blue glaciers explode into its calm fjords. Humpback, Killer, Minke, and Gray Whales rise from dark waters, surface and spray with clouds of breath into the clear Alaskan air. Seals, Stellar sea lions, and otters sun themselves on frozen rafts of ice. Dall porpoise slip in and out of the wake of the boats. This is a sanctuary to endless species of birds, including bald eagles. Many species of marine and other wildlife enjoy this timeless environment, wonderful and uninterrupted. Not many places in the world can claim such natural beauty. You have a chance to experience this last frontier first-hand during our 7.5 h. glacier and wildlife trip and learn about fishing, mining, earthquake and history of the area.
Departure: Daily 12:00 - 19:00 ▶ Rate: US$120.00 (Adult) US$60.00 (Child)

TASV#2 Prince William Sound Kayak Tour | Shoup Glacier
The 8-hour kayak tour is one of the most popular day trips to date, Shoup Glacier, is unique to Prince William Sound because it has two tidal basins. Abundant with sea-life, marine birds, ducks, sea otters and harbor seals, Shoup Bay has the fastest growing Kittiwake rookery in Prince William Sound with more than 20,000 birds and 6,000 nests. Great for hiking, kayaking near icebergs, and observing harbor seals hauled out on ice floes. Situated in calm waters, this actively calving, tidewater glacier is a haven for marine life, and a photographer’s dream! Shoup Bay is the ideal trip for beginning kayakers and kids. Our efficient and comfortable water taxi, The Bluff Watch, is used for smooth round trip transportation to kayak departure point (40 minute boat ride each way). 
▶ Departure Daily  ▶ Rate: US$ .00

TASV#3 Prince William Sound Kayak Tour | Columbia Glacier
The largest tidewater glacier in Prince William Sound and the second largest in the entire State of Alaska - Columbia Glacier is 25 miles from Valdez and covers more than 400 square miles. The face is more than 3 miles wide and is rapidly moving backward at a rate of 4 feet per day during the summer! Enjoy a comfortable hour boat ride to the glacier, then kayak amid towering icebergs, gliding through bays that are completely inaccessible by motorized boats, and observe sea otters and harbor seals hauled out on the ice floes. Keep a close lookout for sea lions, bears and, quite often, whales! Hike on recently uncovered landscape and in the adjacent old growth forest. A perfect wilderness trip for the entire family with some excellent wildlife viewing.
Departure: Daily ▶ Rate: US$ .00

TAVS#4 Meares Glacier Cruise
This 9-hour tour is perfect for the traveler who is looking to discover all of what Prince William Sound has to offer - amazing glaciers, exciting wildlife and a rich history. Cruise the majestic waters of Prince William Sound from Valdez to Meares Glacier. En route our captains will travel the shorelines looking for the animals and birds that call the Sound home. This tour has the time to travel the locations where we typically spot sea otters, harbor seals, sea lions, Humpback or Orca Whales, porpoise, eagles, puffins, cormorants and more. On board our captain will share with you stories about the history of the Sound from early explorers, gold and copper mining industry, oil shipping and impact of the Exxon Valdez accident, commercial fishing and the 1964 Earthquake. Enjoy a complimentary lunch and an afternoon soup snack on board. ▶ Departure: Daily 10:00 - 19:00 ▶ Rate: US$ 155.00 (Adult) US$77.00 (Child)

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