Alaska Sightseeing Tour Program | Seward and Kenai Fjords

Alaska | Kenai Fjords National Park Glacier and Sightseeing Cruise Tour from Seward, Alaska. Visit Kenai Fjords Aialik Bay, Northwestern Fjords, Holgate Glacier and Chiswell Island. Godwin Glacier Sled Dog Tour, Alaska Air Taxi Service, Resurrection Bay Kayak Touring, Kenai Fjords Silver Salmon Derby, Seward Samon Fishing Trips and Fox Island

TASS#1 2-Day Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge
Stay overnight at the remote Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge located on Fox Island in the heart of Resurrection Bay. This all inclusive adventure begins with a cruise to Fox Island, a delicious salmon bake lunch, your own private cabin, dinner prepared by our private chef, a hot breakfast to start the day and a cruise on our Resurrection Bay Tour to see glaciers and wildlife. During your overnight stay on Fox Island you may book an optional guided sea kayaking tour, practice your rock skipping skills, search the beach for treasures or just kick back and relax.
▶ Departure: Daily from June 01 - September 04 ▶ Rate: US$349.00 | Resurrection Bay Cruise
▶ Departure: Daily from June 01 - September 04 ▶ Rate: US$434.00 | Kenai Fjords Full Day Cruise
▶ Departure: Daily from June 01 - September 04 ▶ Rate: US$454.00 | Northwestern Fjord Cruise

TASS#2 Kenai Fjords Aialik Bay
The 110-mile full-day cruise on a high-speed catamaran takes you into Kenai Fjords National Park, the Chiswell Islands National Wildlife Refuge and the magnificent Aialik Bay Hosting this cruise is a uniformed National Park Ranger, who will provide narration to your journey and point out the many spectacular sights while fielding any questions you may have. Wildlife is abundant throughout the National Park, and the tidewater glaciers are massive. You'll visit the mighty Holgate Glacier where guests often witness calving - a process by which the glacier sheds giant blocks and slabs of ancient ice - from a close distance. Add Alaska Salmon and Prime Rib Buffet $19.00
Departure: Daily from May - September 11:30 am - 5:30 pmRate: US$149.00 | 6-Hours
Departure: Daily from May - September 10:00 am - 5:30 pm ▶ Rate: US$159.00 | 7.5-Hours

TASS#3 Kenai Fjords and the Northwestern Fjord
The premium full-day Kenai Fjords Cruise covers magnificent Northwestern Fjord - the home to three amazing tidewater glacier, hanging alpine glacier, abundant wildlife such as Orca Whales, Steller Sea Lions, playful Sea Otters, Bald Eagles, Puffins and of course the magnificent scenery. On this tour we travel futher into Kenai Fjords National Park than most other daily cruise tour operators. In addition we visit the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge and Chiswell Island's seabird rookeries within Resurrection Bay. Make sure you bring your camera to photograph the abundant marine and coastal wildlife, many types of sea birds and the untouched beauty of Alaska's shorelines. Tour includes a light breakfast and hot lunch. Total 150 miles round trip.
Departure: Daily from June - September 9:00 am - 6:00 pm ▶ Rate: US$174.00

TASS#3 Godwin Glacier Sled Dog Tour and Helicopter Flightseeng
Imagine running a team of Alaska Huskies on snow in the summer... Combine three thrilling activities: awe-inspiring Helicopter Flightseeing, Glacier Landing and Dog Mushing - everything with breathtaking views of Resurrection Bay and the surrounding glacier-carved mountain ranges. Over 80 Alaskan Huskies are waiting to share an essential part of Alaska's culture - dog mushing - with you. An experienced guide will explain how to run a dog team, then you're off across a snow field and the lure of the trail and thrill of driving a Huskie dog team will create the ultimate experience of a lifetime. Rain gear and waterproof equipment available. After your sled ride, take a look at our puppies, take pictures in a place where everyone is a great photographer, and talk with your musher about his best trail stories.
Departure: Daily ▶ Rates: US$450.00 Adult | US$420.00 Child

TASS#3 Resurrection Bay Salmon and Halibut Fishing Trip
Ever dreamed about trophy Halibut and Salmon Fishing in Alaska ? Our charter boats in Seward are state-of-the-art - specifically designed for saltwater fishing and equipped with the finest fishing gear available such as Penn two speed reels and tackles from Mustad and Berkley. Your guides are dedicated sport fishing enthusiats and they know where the fish is. We offer a variety of charters (max 6 people per boat) for 10-15 lbs Silver Salmon from June - September, King Salmon up to 120 lbs from May - June, Halibut up to 600 Lbs year around. After your crew has filleted your fresh Alaska salmon or halibut we will cut your fish into meal sized portions, vacuum package, blast-freeze, and box your catch for you to take home. We can also ship your processed catch via FedEx directly to your home address.
Departures: Daily 6:30 am - 05:00 pm | Daily 6:30 am - 11:30 am  ▶ Rates: US$299.00 | US$199.00 + Tax

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