Alaska Sightseeing Tour Program | Ketchikan

Ketchikan Southeast Alaska Sightssing Tour Program for Cruise Ship Passengers and Individuals | City Tours and Saxman Totem Pole Park, Misty Fjords Day Cruises, Sea Kayak and Hiking Tours, Traitors Cove Bear Viewing, Guided Saltwater Fishing Trips. 

TASK#1 Misty Fjords Cruise
Explore Misty Fjords – one of nature’s most spectacular creations – while cruising in luxury aboard one of the fastest sightseeing vessels in Alaska. Enjoy first-class service and an informative Naturalist's presentation, and watch for marine and coastal wildlife as you “fly” at sea level past the rugged coastlines bordering Revillagigedo Channel. Voyage into Behm Canal, surrounded by the pristine beauty of Misty Fjords. Delight in the unhurried exploration of Rudyerd Bay, an ice-carved masterpiece deep within the Monument. Learn the natural history of the fjords, listen to the call of nesting seabirds, and feel the mist of glistening waterfalls while gliding quietly beneath 3,000-foot glacier-sculpted cliffs. Cruise from Rudyerd Bay to view a gathering of harbor seals, and enjoy a selection of complimentary snacks and beverages while watching for other species of wildlife that thrive here. ▶ Departure: Daily ▶ Rate: US$

TASK#2 Ketchikan City Tour and Saxman Totem Pole Village
During the 2-hour Ketchikan City and Saxman tour your guide will point out eagles, canneries, the ladder salmon use to swim up Ketchikan creek to spawn, the city park, and other interesting sites. Visit the historic Tlingit Indian village of Saxman. Saxman was founded in 1894 and was the site of a Presbyterian mission school. In the mid-1930's the people of Saxman, with the help of the federal Civilian Conversation Corps, arranged their totem poles into a formal park. It is the fifth most popular attraction in Alaska. There are 34 totem poles at Saxman Native village and each one has its own unique story and history. You will also see a clan house and a carving center where totems are made. When we return to Ketchikan we will stop by the historic Red Light District on Creek Street. See Dolly's House which was a famous brothel operating until the middle of the 20th century. ▶ Departure: Daily ▶ Rate: US$75.00

TASK#3 Fishing Charters
There are many places in Alaska that offer great fishing. However, Ketchikan is unique in that it offers tremendous variety, in addition to large numbers of fish. There are very few places in the world that provide incredible freshwater and saltwater sport fishing in one location. You can fish salmon, and halibut one day, and then spend the next day fly fishing for salmon or trout in the Misty Fjords National Monument. Another advantage Ketchikan has over other fishing destinations in Alaska is the fact that we have both inside protected waters, and outside ocean waters. As a result, we can always find a place to fish. The captain is USCG licensed and the boat provides a heated cabin and large fishing cockpit. Top of the line fishing equipment, softdrinks, water, raingear and local shuttle service included. ▶ Departure: Daily  ▶ Rate: US$150.00 (4-Hours) US$180.00 (6-Hours)

TASS#3 Traitors Cove Bear Viewing Flightseeing Tour
Take a short 20-minute flight over the lush wilderness of the Tongass National Forest and arrive at Traitors Cove. You’ll be met at the dock by your personal Alaska bear viewing guide and driven about a quarter mile into the forest to the Margarite Creek Bear Viewing observatory platform. After a short, easy walk up to the wildlife viewing platform, you’ll be at a prime location to see Alaska’s REAL fisherman! Black bears can be seen plunging into the rushing water to eat wild salmon that are going upstream to spawn. Besides bears feeding, you’ll also likely see Bald Eagles, as well as the salmon battling their way upstream. Your naturalist/guide will answer any questions you have about the local wildlife, flora and fauna. The U.S. Forest Service restricts access to the area by permit, so only small numbers of visitors are able to visit this incredible site. ▶ Departure: Daily July - September ▶ Rates: $350.00

TASS#3 Hiking and Sea Kayak Adventure Tour
This tour works best for travellers who are staying overnight in Ketchikan, however we can fit the tour into some cruise ship schedules, so if you are travelling by cruise ship, please call or email us to check availability. The day begins with a 20 minute boat ride to beautiful Orcas Cove. Our friendly guides will give a safety briefing before we depart by kayak for Icehouse Cove. The area is accessible only by boat and changes remarkably with the tide. Kayaks are the ideal vessels for exploring the shallow coves and rock gardens. The 20 foot tide zone is home to an amazing variety of creatures. Brilliantly colored starfish, sun stars and even sea cucumbers are visible beneath the kayaks in the crystal clear water. Kingfishers and Great Blue Herons feed along the shore and bald eagles nest in the trees. You can see Humpbacks and Orcas and sometimes black bears. ▶ Departure: Daily ▶ Rate: US$150.00