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Admiralty Island Multiple Tour Options from Juneau:

Your journey to Admiralty Island, the Fortress of the Bears, will begin from Juneau International Airport where you will be met by your experienced wilderness. After introductions, your guide will review the day’s itinerary, help you fill out your final trip documentation and give you a briefing on what to expect when you arrive on the beach at Pack Creek Bear Sanctuary. After the briefing, you will be fitted with knee-high rubber boots (necessary for disembarking from the floatplane to the beach) and proceed to your aircraft.

You will then board a classic Alaska bush plane for the 25 minute flight to Admiralty Island. Along the way, your guide will point out the topography and natural features of Admiralty Island seen out the window. You may even be lucky enough to see whales or bears on the beach as you approach the island! Your aircraft will land on the water and taxi to the beach where you will offload. Once on the beach, you will spend the next five hours in bear country, walking less than a mile within the viewing estuary where bears are likely to be seen foraging or fishing for salmon.

Time on the ground on Admiralty Island will be approximately 4-11 hours depending on the booked program. A box lunch and water will be provided. There are no restrooms on Admiralty Island, so please be prepared to do as the bears do. You will be directed by your guide on the appropriate place and manner to do this in a wilderness area.

Please bring the following items:

  • Day pack
  • Lightweight rain gear—jacket, and pants if available
  • Water bottle
  • Extra pair of warm Socks
  • A warm jacket or sweater
  • Hat or baseball visor
  • Sun glasses
  • Optional: binoculars and/or camera gear in a protective case


The World of the Alaskan Brown Bear.
Enter the world of the great brown bear at the Pack Creek Wildlife Viewing Area, just a short 30 minute float plane ride from Juneau, Alaska. Enter the bear’s world and view these magnificent creatures in their natural setting fishing for salmon, playing with siblings, sleeping and roaming. At the center of southeast Alaska's Tongass National Forest is Admiralty Island. At over a million acres, its gentle mountain slopes and steady precipitation create a lush temperate rain forest and ubiquitous salmon spawning habitat which makes it an ideal home for the Alaskan brown bear. The island boasts one of the healthiest bear populations in the world with approximately one bear per square mile, and is home to 1,500 bears.

Natural Features
The native Tlingit people called this area "Kootznoowoo" meaning “fortress of the bears” from which Admiralty Island gets its name. At the island’s center is the Pack Creek Bear Viewing Area. Established in 1935, it has been actively managed since 1985 by the Forest Service and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. After many generations, the bears have become accustomed to the presence of people and spend their time fattening up on salmon and rearing their young.

Upon arrival, you will disembark the plane or boat into 8-12 inches of water on the beach. A ranger will greet you and provide an orientation including rules and important information to be followed while visiting Pack Creek. You can then walk the beach to the viewing spit or hike about one mile to the observation tower and spend the day enjoying the wilderness. You’ll need to leave the viewing area by 9 pm.

Security at Pack Creek. In order to maintain this record, all visitors must strictly follow the rules. This will ensure a safe and stress free environment for the bears that make Pack Creek their home. It is important to remember these bears are wild animals with potential for aggressive behavior.

The Pack Creek Bear Viewing Area is within a Wilderness Area. This means there are no facilities on site: no bathrooms, no shelter from the elements, and no cell phone service. Bear-proof lockers are available for storing all food and gear. Food is allowed at Pack Creek, but it is restricted to the entrance site. Camping is one of best ways to make the most of your trip. Although camping is not allowed in the immediate Pack Creek area, camping is permitted on nearby Windfall Island as well as on Swan Island and in Windfall Harbor. No permit is required for overnight camping outside the Pack Creek Bear Viewing Area, but watercraft transportation is required to leave Pack Creek at the end of the day and travel to your camp. Kayaks are available on Windfall Island from Pack Creek Outfitters but must be rented prior to your trip. Their contact information is listed under guides. Remember: hang your food high and use a bear-resistant container.

Services Included:

▶ Bear Viewing as Scheduled
▶ Pack Creek Day Permit
▶ Professional Naturalist Bear Guide
▶ Round Trip Air Transportation (Flightseeing) from | to Juneau
▶ All Taxes
▶ Tour Documentation & Information

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